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An Open Letter for President of FIFA

Photo Source: Tribun
Jakarta, June 3rd 2014
Mr. Joseph S. Blatter
President of FIFA
In Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Sir,
I hope this letter find you well.
My name is Shei from Indonesia, a country with 250 million populations in which most of them are fans of football like I do. I could not wait to enjoy the world cup this year. I’m so excited! 

However, I have some concerns to share with you. The World Cup will happen at the same time with the presidential election in our country on July 9 2014. As always, during the election, our television will be dominated by tons of political campaigns. Unfortunately, the TV networks that hold exclusive right to broadcast the World Cup, TV-One and ANTV, are belong to a businessman who strongly support one of the presidential candidate. We heard some rumors that he would use the World Cup to conduct massive political campaign. And it's not fair.

I do concern to the presidential election. I also have decided whom to vote, but, of course, it is beyond that personal political right. I don’t care. What I care the most is, we have swing voters here, mostly youths. So, can you imagine? How the election rule would be violated here? There’s a media mogul whom would do anything to success one particular candidate (which we only have two candidates here). So, I hope, FIFA do concern to supervise things out here. I mean, the spirit of “true competition” should be implemented well. 

Football should be a very fun yet competitive game. That’s why I love soccer. The spirit to keep on the right track, keep on the rule, is what define a healthy game. I believe, politic should be the same. If it’s not, why do they have such rules, right?

I believe you guys have some rule so the legal broadcasting right not to be misused.
It would be great and highly appreciated if you could take any necessary and possible action to ensure that world cup broadcast would not be used as a political tool to gain voters. Remember the spirit of a healthy game, sir :)
Bunch of thanks for your kind consideration and help.  
Have a lovely day!
Best regards,

[Shei Latiefah, Chairperson of Sekarya Sobat Cinta Indonesia Foundation @SaveStreetChild

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Jangan suudzon gitu sis,, walaupun yang punya stasiun TV seorang politikus,, belum tentu juga akan dilakukan hal2 seperti itu terhadap pasang capresnya.. gue yakin pasangan capres P-H ga ada niat melakukan hal2 yang sis pikirkan.

ketika seseorang tenggelam terbawa arus maka untuk menyelamatkan diri apapun dipegang tidak terkecuali rumput...apalagi momen WC2014 rumputnya sestadion

Ketika Ranah publik disusupi kepentingan golongan tertentu,menyebabkan Sportivitas dan Objectivitas ajang Olah raga terbesar di dunia itu menjadi hilang.

Keren sis... meski mungkin ga dibales sama FIFA , setidaknya sudah jadi trending topic.. dan sepertinya didengar pula sama pihak yang bersangkutan :D ... so far semalam saya lihat sih , sama sekali ga ada unsur politiknya termasuk gak ada newsticker pas pertandingan...

Nulis surat beginian, ya pasti diundang metro. Wong metro tv saingan capres yg ono. huuuft

Buat kalian ada yang BARU nih sayangi GEDGET kalian yaaa:) banyak INFORMASI yang bakal kalian tau dengan lihat link-link ini langsung saja yuuu:)

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